Friday, August 15, 2014

Our class trip to Kelly Tarltons

Last week we  went on a trip to Kelly Tarltons with my class. 
First we went on the bus. When we reached Kelly Tarltons we had to go in groups. So me and my group went to the penguins. i tried to count all the penguins. The were over 10 million. Then we went to the scary bridge. we walked on it and it moved. I was so scared. We took a photo and moved along.

The Sting ray bay was interesting. The lady went in the water and fed the stingrays without getting stung.

We saw the sea horses. They wet all sizes, tiny, large and medium. We saw a dad sea horse that was pregnant.

Then we went to the shark zone. There were lots of huge sharks swimming over us. It was scary.

Then we had to come back to school. We waited for the buses. It was a long wait until the bus came. I fell asleep on the way back to school. I felt tired. When I reached school, my mum was there to pick me up. It was a good trip.


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roykelly said...

Nice story Alo, I like the detail you added