Friday, August 15, 2014

Kupri's Facts about Sea Animals

Our class trip to Kelly Tarltons

Last week we  went on a trip to Kelly Tarltons with my class. 
First we went on the bus. When we reached Kelly Tarltons we had to go in groups. So me and my group went to the penguins. i tried to count all the penguins. The were over 10 million. Then we went to the scary bridge. we walked on it and it moved. I was so scared. We took a photo and moved along.

The Sting ray bay was interesting. The lady went in the water and fed the stingrays without getting stung.

We saw the sea horses. They wet all sizes, tiny, large and medium. We saw a dad sea horse that was pregnant.

Then we went to the shark zone. There were lots of huge sharks swimming over us. It was scary.

Then we had to come back to school. We waited for the buses. It was a long wait until the bus came. I fell asleep on the way back to school. I felt tired. When I reached school, my mum was there to pick me up. It was a good trip.

Maui’s fish
Maui was born with Magical powers. One day Maui asked his brothers to paddle out to the sea. He was a great fisherman. He got his hook and he threw the fish hook in the sea. The hook glowed down in the sea. There was a pull on the string. It seemed like a large fish. The waves came on Maui . He pulled again until the waves came on him. He pulled out a big land. There were trees and then and some animals came on the land.
people were born and life began.Screenshot 2014-08-15 at 12.11.52.png

Maui's Fish
Once  there  was  a  man  named Maui.He  was  born  with  magical  powers  because  he  can  pull  earth  out of  the water. He  was  his  dad’s  favorite  son  because  he  had  strange powers. Maui said to his brothers we must go far out to sea to the great fishing grounds. By the time they got there all sight of land was lost. Maui pulled out his fish hook. He made the fish hook from his grandmother’s jaw. Maui tied a rope to his fish hook and he chucked the fish hook into the deep blue sea. A few minutes later Maui felt a pull on the string. Then Maui pulled and and he pulled the enormous fish. Maui woke up and he saw land. He stepped onto the land and there was this magical thing that happened. Trees were growing, grass was too and flowers started to bloom. That’s how life started on the North Island.

Taniwha and Tamure

Once there was a Taniwha that lived in the sea. It ate people's fish. But there was a giant to stop that Taniwha. His name was Tamure. Tamure went to the sea to get Taniwha. He called him bad. Then the Taniwha was scared. So the people never saw the Taniwha in the sea because he went deep in the sea.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014


We in Room 10 love doing ART. Today Mrs. Manuyag taught us how to make clay fish. We used different tools to make patterns for our clay fish. It was great fun.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday, August 4, 2014

Papatuinuku and Raginui getting separated.
In the beginning there was lifelessness, it was terrible. There was only darkness. It was a long dark night there was no morning and any life  until Teata (the dawn) came. It made a big explosion. It sounded like thunder and lightning.  There was a huge bang it was so powerful. It became moning. There was a sky god called Raginui and  a mother Earth called Papatuinuku. Then came Tanemahuta the child of Papatuinuku, he separated them.  The mother Earth went down and the sky god went up and the universe was formed.    
By Kupri              

           Rangi and Papa        

Friday, August 1, 2014

Tamure and The Taniwha

This week we read lots of Maori traditional tales. Each Reading group had to read the story and then share it with the class using a medium of their choice. Jeridton, Daena and Kanye shared their tale through a puppet show. Click on the play button to watch 'Tamure and the Taniwha'.

IMG 0748 from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.