Thursday, January 30, 2014

Getting to know the names of people in my class

Buzz Buzz This is a game to help students learn each others' names. Play this game outside with a large bouncing ball. Gather students in a circle and explain that there are four sets of words permissible in this game. Buzz buzz, Ooh Ooh, Eee Eee and Aye Aye. Begin the game by starting your name followed by one of the nonsense phrases, and then bounce the ball to another person in the group. This player must say his or her name and then one of the nonsense phrases and then bounce the ball back to another person. The game continues in this manner, moving as quickly as possible from one player to another.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Room 10, 2014.
I look forward to meet all of you on 28th January 2014.
Remember school starts on Tuesday next week.
See you then!

Mrs. Sharma

Thank You

The students from Room 10 are moving on to new classes and so is Miss Kirsty.  This blog will continue to be run by Miss Sharma, and Miss Kirsty will be in Room 4 with a new blog.  Please come and check out the work that is happening in Room 4 and you might see some familiar faces from Room 10.  Thanks for all the comments and support throughout 2013.