Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thank you Mrs Manuyag!

Last week we had a fundraising 'Party with a Purpose' to raise money for the Philippines.  Mrs Munuyag and her class organised it for us and we managed to raise over $1000 and collect lots of food and water to send to the Filipino people.  The party was a lot of fun, we had face painting, a bouncy castle, candy floss and a disco.  Some of the children in Room 10 wrote cards to say thank you to Mrs Manuyag for organising such a fun day, but Siale and Kenneth decided to write and perform a song. Here is their finished work.  Thanks again Mrs Manuyag!

Song For Mrs Manuyag from Kirsty Macfarlane on Vimeo.

Spooky Story, By Faith

Faith has written a spooky narrative.  She practiced reading it with a scary voice and then recorded herself.  Beware, you may be very afraid after listening to this. 

Spooky Story - By Faith from Kirsty Macfarlane on Vimeo.

Fireworks, By Calais

Calais has written a story about Guy Fawkes night at his house.  He practice reading with fluency and expression before he recorded himself.  Take a look at the result, his practice has paid off.

Calais Fireworks from Kirsty Macfarlane on Vimeo.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Spooky House

Everyone had lots of fun over Halloween so we decided to write some spooky stories.  Timeus worked carefully on his story to make sure it was especially creepy.  Have a read of it and let him know what you think.  

The Spooky House

One spooky night there was a little vampire. The little vampire went inside the spooky dark house, he saw some undead people lying on the ground. He went upstairs to look for the dark witch. The vampire went inside the dark witch’s room but he cannot see anything. He used a torch to see in the dark, he saw some draws and paintings, then he saw a dark witch, she was getting the spells ready. The witch was carrying an object and she threw the object at the vampire. He ducked down and the object flew over his head. The witch had missed. He chased after the witch and he knocked the witch out. He solved the secret door and he got away.

The Lost thing

We read 'The Lost Thing' by Shaun Tan and decided to write narratives about our own lost things.  Aja has written an action packed story filled with bullies, a minion and a robbery. Listen to her reading the story and see if you can find out how the character in her story used chillies to stop the bullies. 

The lost Minion from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Film Festival 2013

Last term Room 10 worked together to make a movie for the Manaiakalani film festival.  We planned a theme for our movie, storyboarded it, wrote scripts and made costumes.   After all that we were ready to film and we had lots of fun doing it.  Take a look at our finished movie, we are really proud of ourselves.

A little while ago friendship and honesty needed to be promoted but how do we do this ? The students came up with a solution... Help is on the way!

Film Trailers

Click play to view the trailer of the movies our school have made for the Manaiakalani Film Festival this year. 

Manaiakalani Film Festival Trailer - Tamaki Primary School Movies from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.