Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tuakana Teina

Tuakana Teina means helping a buddy with their learning. For a Tuakana Teina day we participated in technology challenges. It was a good experience to be working with older buddies who could help us make the marble maze. It was fun!

3D shapes

This term in Geometry we learned about 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes. We use skewers and blu tac to make models of our 3 dimensional shapes.

Technology Challenge

Last week we had a challenge where we had to hold our dictionary for at least 10 seconds on a paper stand. After trial and error we worked out a design of the stand that could hold our dictionary for more than 20 seconds.

Technology Challenge: A Tent Made with Paper and masking tape.

This Term we have been learning about Technology. One of the challenges was to make a liveable tent using paper and masking tape. We decided to make a tent with 9 sides. It is called a nonagon because it has 9 sides. It has a pyramid at the top. The sides of the nonagon have triangular walls. We had to plan to make a strong base so that it could hold the weight of the walls and the roofs. To make the walls strong we provided support of cardboard on the joints. We provided a pillar in the centre to support the roof. It took us more than a week to complete our tents.
It can occupy at least 5 people from our class. We love to read books in our tent.

ART: Making name cards

We made these name plates earlier in November. We did them after completing all our assignments. They were easy to do and the results were spectacular. We used 'Drip Paint' technique to make our backgrounds. Have a look!