Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Technology Challenge: A Tent Made with Paper and masking tape.

This Term we have been learning about Technology. One of the challenges was to make a liveable tent using paper and masking tape. We decided to make a tent with 9 sides. It is called a nonagon because it has 9 sides. It has a pyramid at the top. The sides of the nonagon have triangular walls. We had to plan to make a strong base so that it could hold the weight of the walls and the roofs. To make the walls strong we provided support of cardboard on the joints. We provided a pillar in the centre to support the roof. It took us more than a week to complete our tents.
It can occupy at least 5 people from our class. We love to read books in our tent.

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Matthew said...

HI room 10 i like that thing that you guys bult it looks like a tent is it a tent or not and i have one question for guys what did you guys use to build the tent?