Sunday, July 27, 2014

Our Experiences of Sea

Our Inquiry unit for this Term is 'Tagata O Le Moana' For Our Making Connections part of the unit we wrote stories about our experience of the sea. Here are a few stories that we would like to share with you.

The word ‘water’ reminds me of the salty sea water.
One sizzling hot day, me and my little brother Wesley and big brother Kensington went to the beach. I went into the water. I drank some water because I was thirsty. The water tasted very yucky. It was my first time to taste sea water. Now I know that it is salty.
The I saw something mysterious in the water. I asked my wonderful Dad if I could touch it. He said “No”. I came out of the water. I was freezing… I wonder what that mysterious thing was…


The word ‘waves’ reminds me of big waves.
It was a windy day a Muruwai Beach. I was cold and playing in the sand. Suddenly I tripped and a big wave caught me. It dragged me into the sea. I tried my best to swim back to the shore, but I couldn’t. I was frightened. I was nervous. Luckily my dad saw me and dragged me out. I was coughing and panting. My dad calmed me down and then we drove back home safely.


The word ‘surf’ reminds me of my sister teaching me to surf.
One beautiful hot summer day, me and my family went to Okahu Bay beach. My sister Deandra took me to surf. After that my family had a picnic at the beach. It felt good. It was fun at the beach. I enjoyed my sister teaching me how to surf.


The word ‘Conch’ reminds me of the beautiful shell that I have in my collection.
One hot summer day I went with my family to Block House Bay. Me and my brother went swimming and we had fun. Later I was walking and stepped on something. It was a conch shell. So I picked it up and held it close to my ear. I heard sounds of the ocean from the conch. At the beach the birds were chirping and the breeze was beautiful. After that I took the shell home. I put it in my collection of shells. It looked amazing.


The word ‘crab’ reminds me of the time when Dad got bit by a crab.
One day I went to the beach with my family. My Dad stepped onto a crab. Dad said “ wow” a crab for dinner and he cooked it. We all had a crab for dinner. It was delicious.


The word ‘fish’ reminds me of a tasty fish that Dad cooked one day.
One hot day Dad, Edith, Motu and me went to Snails Beach. My Dad was catching fish. Edith was dancing. Motu was going to crush the worm but a sea gull got it. Edith was waiting for a turn and Dad got a fish and then Edith got one. We ate the fish. Then we went home. Mum and Raena ate the fish too. So we had the fish again.


The word ‘waves’ reminds me of the time when there was a big storm at the sea.
One sizzling hot day, me and my brother named Willie went to go fishing at Waitangi Bay. We went to go catch an enormous fish but suddenly a horrible storm came and it was coming fast. I screamed out “Willie! Willie! We need to go home. It feels like a tornado”. So we ran towards home. Our mum was there to give us a lift home.