Thursday, February 20, 2014

Explanation: How do Bees make Honey


Bees go to the flowers to collect nectar . Nectar is a sweet juice of the flower. Bees suck nectar with a little straw called proboscis. proboscis is built in the mouth of the bee. They collect the nectar in a special stomach.

 Then they take the nectar to the hive. Then they flap their wings very hard. This turns the nectar into honey. Finally the bees cover the honey combs with wax.

By: Faka'ata

Recount: Morning in the Park

One sunny morning, I went out in the park. I saw yellow daisies. They looked pretty. They reminded me of a puppy named Daisy. I saw a big shady tree. I heard birds singing up in the sky. There was a dog barking far away and I could hear the birds tweeting in the trees. Close by in the grass, the cicadas were whistling loudly. I lay down on the grass and the wind blew softly on my face. I wanted to go to sleep in the warm sun.

By: Stephney

Character sketch of Sarah, the Baby Owl


 We in Room 10 read a shared book 'The Owl Babies' by Martin Waddle. We all liked the story very much and out of all the characters we liked 'Sarah' the most. We decided to write Sarah's character sketch. We listed her 'Inside' and 'Outside' characteristics to write about her. Read some of stories about Sarah.

Sarah lived in a tree in a forest. her hole was full of twigs and leaves. She had two little baby brothers. Sarah had brown eye and they looked golden when the sun shone on them. She had soft yellow feathers. Sarah was a responsible owl because she looked after her little brothers when Mummy owl had gone to look for food.
By: Jeridton

Sarah lived in a trunk of a tree with her brother and sister. She had beautiful brown eyes and she had white fluffy feathers. She was a brave owl because she looked after her baby brothers, Percy and Bill.

By: Suave. Sarah had beautiful brown eyes

Sarah lived in a trunk of a tree with her two baby brothers and her mother. Sarah was the oldest in the family. Sarah had beautiful brown eyes. She had soft feathers and she looked beautiful in them. She was a very brave owl. She looked after her baby brothers when Mummy Owl was way.

By: Kanye

Friday, February 14, 2014

Room 10's Reading Challenge

Our challenge for this week was to read our books fluently with expression. All the students practiced reading their books. Everyone tried hard: before school, during lunch time and at home. The winners of the challenge were Tareek, Arizona, Teresa and Faka'ata. They all won chocolates as their prize.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sir Edmund Hillary

Today Rimus Reading group read a book about Mt. Everest, the highest peak in the world. Everyone in the group was curious to know who climbed the Everest first. So we researched about it from the books and the net.  We used poppet App on the iPads to present our information.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Buddy Reading in Middle Syndicate

Buddy Reading Middle Syndicate

We do Buddy Reading everyday. It helps us to develop our fluency and become better readers.

Friday, February 7, 2014