Monday, May 12, 2014

Inventions and their impact on lives

Aeroplanes are an amazing invention. We can get to far off places faster. I can visit my relatives in Samoa. Planes are super fast. They reach places quickly.

Inventions and their impact on lives

Light bulbs help us to see in the dark. We can continue to work even after dark. Light bulbs are also used for decorations on Christmas day. Bulbs help us to light our streets, so we can go to different places at night time and we won't crash.

Inventions and their impact on lives

Fan help us to remain cool in hot weather.

By: Teresa

Inventions and their impact on lives

Telephones help us to talk to people who stay far away from us. I can call my family in Tonga. We can call people in emergency and they will be in time to help me. Telephones are very important inventions. These days it will be very hard for us to live without telephones.
By: Stephney

Discoveries and their impact on lives

Cars have made it easy for us to go to distant places in a short time. A journey by car is comfortable too.
By: Jeridton and Tareek

Friday, May 9, 2014

Life cycle of a Frog

Explanation: Life cycle of a frog

Frogs like to live in ponds and swamps. Frogs are very interesting creatures. Some frogs are very poisonous and some frogs are fine to play with. Did you know frogs can lay as many as 4000 eggs in one time. People who study frogs and toads are called herpetologists. The golden frog is the most poisonous frog on earth and the poison of one such frog can kill up to 1000 people. There are over 4700 species of frogs.

A life cycle of a frog goes like this.
First the father frog jumps on the mother frogs back and pushes it down and out come the eggs. After a couple of days the eggs hatch and out come the tadpoles. After that the tadpoles grow bigger. Then the tadpole grows small legs. After that the tail shortens. Next the little froglet is ready to hop on the land and when it gets older it can start all over again.


Poem: Player of the day

Arizona imagines herself on the rugby field, scoring goals for her team.

I'm a scary goal scorer,

I sprint, skip and tackle!

I jump up and down like a rabbit to score a try.

Poem: Player of the Day

Rebecca imagines herself playing soccer at the park. She compares herself to a sprinting bunny.

I'm running,  jumping in the park.

See me play soccer in the field.

Hunting savagely for the ball

Sprinting like a bunny.

Poem: Player of the Day

We had to imagine ourselves to be the player of the day. This is my version of it.
Tareek Ali

I'm a game monster!

A muddy geek nut bun.

Wet Pajamas and screaming…

But hey! I'm fun.