Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Spooky Story, By Faith

Faith has written a spooky narrative.  She practiced reading it with a scary voice and then recorded herself.  Beware, you may be very afraid after listening to this. 

Spooky Story - By Faith from Kirsty Macfarlane on Vimeo.


Aja said...

I like the way that you speak in a scary voice and keep up the good work and you are good at reading!!!

Savelina Lepou said...

Hi Faith! I really enjoyed the way you read your story. I liked the expression you used in your voice. I also like how you read the story at quite a slow pace which created some good suspense.

Rhonda said...

Faith, I have been showing everyone this post! I am so proud of the way you are reading with such fantastic expression. Keep up the good work.
From Mrs Kelly