Friday, August 15, 2014

Maui's Fish
Once  there  was  a  man  named Maui.He  was  born  with  magical  powers  because  he  can  pull  earth  out of  the water. He  was  his  dad’s  favorite  son  because  he  had  strange powers. Maui said to his brothers we must go far out to sea to the great fishing grounds. By the time they got there all sight of land was lost. Maui pulled out his fish hook. He made the fish hook from his grandmother’s jaw. Maui tied a rope to his fish hook and he chucked the fish hook into the deep blue sea. A few minutes later Maui felt a pull on the string. Then Maui pulled and and he pulled the enormous fish. Maui woke up and he saw land. He stepped onto the land and there was this magical thing that happened. Trees were growing, grass was too and flowers started to bloom. That’s how life started on the North Island.

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