Monday, June 9, 2014

Narrative: Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

One day in Auckland city me and my group of people flew to America. When we were walking to the beach, we saw a burglar with his gun running really fast. Joseph sprinted after him taking his gun away asking “ Are you a burglar?” he replied “yes”. John key took him to the beach for a swim with his underwear. But the burglar was gone!

But the burglar left his gun behind. John Key saw him and pointed the gun towards him and he blasted the gun… then he was dead. Joseph said to the burglar “farewell”, but we did not find the treasure. John key got out his map. “Okay, it’s in the North Island,” he said. Joseph said “ I found a boat in the lake. Now let’s hurry before the Evil Ice King arrives. Let’s go at last”. Soon they got to the North Island. Just as they were going up the steps, the wicked Evil Ice king got there already. They burst into madness and into angry loud voices. He shouted “ Attack right now”! Just after he blinked, all his army people were down.
The Ice king took the treasure saying. He laughed “Ha, ha, ha”. No one can stop me. It was very silent. The Ice King said “ This is awkward when everyone is silent”. Suddenly a long freezing water explosion came. The Ice King knew that Finn and Jake were there. But my group of people did not know them. Finn and Jake attacked and Jake turned into a bimo. Finn gat his sword. The Ice King said “ Look there is an ice-cream bus” and then he flew away. All of them along with John Key got the treasure back and came back Auckland city in time for the King and Queen’s arrival.

By Tareek

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Anonymous said...

this is absolutely awesome Tareek!!! very proud of you !! :-)

- Jess