Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Poetry Performers

We have been experimenting with performing poetry over the last two weeks.  This week the children could choose to practice and perform a poem called 'The Panther's Heart'  

The Panther's Heart

Although he still pads about behind
The bars of his solitary cage,
Although he looks up nightly
At the moonstruck mountains
And the falling snow,
The panther’s heart
Stopped long ago.

Losana and Leilani decided to perform it as a song.  Here is a video of their performance.

Last week we had our own version of Room 10's got talent.  The children worked in groups or individually to practice and perform our poem - The Invitation by Shel Silverstein.  Everyone then voted for their favourite and Timeus was the winner.  Take a look at the video below to see his performance.


Helen said...

Timeus you done a great job and you had a loud voice too.You done a fantastic and awesome job too.

Ella and leilani said...

Well done Timeus you are a star well done for doing it all by your self!!!

kenneth said...

good job Timeus younred the poem with out lj

scott said...

i like your information in your move because i like it love it by scott

siale said...

timeus you are cool.

Lina - GBS said...

I really enjoyed this post Room 10! What an awesome idea to perform poems. I love The Invitation, it is one of my favourite poems. I also really enjoyed that panther poem, who is the author?
We have been writing poems in our class. I went to Storylines yesterday and met a poet Paula Green who has her own poetry blog and she often has poetry competitions for children to enter. You should check it out: http://nzpoetrybox.wordpress.com/