Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Invention of Hugo Cabret

We have been reading The Invention of Hugo Cabret this term.  While we were reading it we discovered that one of the characters, Georges Melies, was a real person.  We had lots of questions about him so Kenneth did some research and he has created a doc with some information on Georges.  Here is his finished research:

Georges Melies full name is Marie Georges-Jean Melies. He was a french illusionist filmmaker famous for  leading many technical and narrative developments in earliest days of cinema
Born: December 8, 1861.
Died: January 21, 1938.
Children: Andre Melies, Georgette Melies.
Siblings: Goston Melies and Henri Melies.  
Georges Melies was one of the best magicians in Paris he has made 5554 movies in 6 weeks.  

Here is one of Georges' most famous movies - A Trip to the Moon.


kira said...

the fillm was allsome

RKELLY said...

I loved the movie but I loved the book more - which did you enjoy the most, Room 10?
From Mrs Kelly

scott said...

i like the way you had information in your movie.

azuredream said...

dear siale that was a cool speach and i like the way that you spok nicely.