Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Keen Learners

We love using google apps in our classroom and some of the children also love using them at home.  Perenara did not get his pl presentation completed on Monday as he had trouble with his computer.  He came bounding in today keen to tell us that he had completed it from home, and it looks great.  Leilani has also been working hard at home.  She has worked out that she can use google docs to help her practice her spelling words.   Have a look at their great work.

My Spelling Words

All of my spelling  words are going to be the colour Green.

1.This is a Private talk.
2. I’m  Driving a car.
3.Is the Engine working now.
4. Something Appears to be wrong?
5.Where is my Parachute?
6.You should always Recycle stuff.
8.Put your Rubbish into the bin.

I have Finished  my spelling words activity that i could do after school on my dad’s Laptop.

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losana said...

WOW!Perenara I really like the way that you had lot's of pl word's that were really really like your pl word's.